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How can I help my child to a better future?

How can I help my child improve their confidence? How can I help my child improve their concentration? How can I help my child be happy at school? How can I help my child achieve their best? The answer is MagiKats; the proven system to:

  • Develop the skills needed for school and life!
  • Boost confidence!
  • Improve concentration!
  • Provide all pupils with achievable challenges!
  • Challenge high-fliers and provide support to children who need it.
  • Watch the video to see how MagiKats could help your child!

What is MagiKats?

MagiKats is a two - part educational system supporting the core subjects of Maths and English. It was written to support the English and Welsh National Curriculum. It helps children and teens develop to be the best they can be at school and in life!

  • We provide our expert help at weekly tuition workshops in Durham and Chester-le-Street.
  • Suitable for ages 4-16, children attend once a week and work with an experienced and trained tutor on topics appropriate to their age and ability.
  • Tutors use both traditional pen-and-paper and more creative games and activities.
  • We ensure that learning is always fun, memorable and above all effective.
  • A crucial part of MagiKats is the Homework Pack, in which the Principal devises a learning programme for each child, with children receiving an individual homework pack each week.
  • We offer two taster workshops so that you and your child can see if MagiKats is right for you.
  • We have helped thousands of children to succeed – now let us help your child!We provide year-round workshops to help your child achieve their very best at school.

Apply For A Trial Workshop For Your Child!

If you feel that MagiKats may be right for your child, we invite you to apply for two taster sessions. To do this, simply complete the form below.

We will then contact you to explain more about how MagiKats works; discuss how it can help your child specifically and schedule your two taster workshops at your nearest ve

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