We will have Challenge and Anniversary Prizes at the workshops this week. | To enrol your child on MagiKats, call Lorraine or complete an enquiry form. | Don’t forget it’s half term next week. Let us know if you need extra homework if you are away for more than one week. |

Comments from Parents and Pupils


Have a look at these testimonials from pupils and their parents. These comments are all held at the Durham Centre for Education for verification purposes.

“P. did all her holiday sheets independently and with real commitment. I’m really proud of her work.” (Mother of P. age 9; Maths)


“M. has done really well this week and is improving week by week. I’m very happy with the way she has picked up on spelling words out that she did not know, whereas before MagiKats she wouldn’t try.” (Mother of M. age 5)


‘L. really enjoys his MagiKats homework sheets – he even said he wished he had more sheets to do so I was really happy with his attitiude towards the worksheets.” (Mother of L. age 12; English)


“S.has enjoyed doing her homework and received a certificate from school for doing well with her fractions.” (Mother of S. age 11; maths)


“M. was really pleased with his medal. He was so proud he showed it to his teacher and headmaster. Thank you.” (Mother of M. age 6; KidiKats)


“Thank you very much for helping me. I am nearly on the highest table at school.” (L. age 10; Maths)


“K. is a lot more confident and able to work our spellings. She is really positive.” (Mother of K. age 10; English)


“L.looks forward so much to his homework. He much prefers to carry out the activity sheets as opposed to reading his book. Saying that, he will read his book and tries very hard at reading each new word.” (Mother of L. age 5; KidiKats)


“I am so pleased with C.’s attitude to the homework. He really enjoys completing the tasks. It is a great way to feel involved and to be able to see what he can achieve.” (Mother of C. age 9; English)


“This work is COOL!” (M. age 12; Maths)


“A, completed these tasks quickly. He is working independently and asking for very little help. Literacy has improved at school and he is working in the top half of his class. His teacher was very pleased at Parents Evening.” (Mother of A. age 12; English)