We will have Challenge and Anniversary Prizes at the workshops this week. | To enrol your child on MagiKats, call Lorraine or complete an enquiry form. | Don’t forget it’s half term next week. Let us know if you need extra homework if you are away for more than one week. |

Frequently Asked Questions

Have the staff at the Durham Centre for Education been checked with the Criminal Records Bureau

Of course. All staff are CRB checked before joining the team.


What are Lorraine and Steve’s qualifications?

Both Lorraine and Steve are graduates with teaching qualifications.Steve also has a higher degree in education and professional qualifications in educational testing. (M.A. in Ed and CCET). Steve is Registered as Qualified in Educational Testing with the British Psychological Society.


Can Lorraine help children with special educational needs?

Yes. The MagiKats programme is designed to meet the needs of each individual child. If a child is able to “access” the national curriculum (i.e. go to a school where there are taught lessons) Lorraine will be able to help.


Can Lorraine help children who need a challenge?

Absolutely! All children need a challenge and Lorraine likes to give all the children appropriate challenges, from learning to recite their 2 times table forwards and backwards in under 30 seconds to writing a biography of a famous person! Challenges that are achieved are celebrated with a prize and a huge amount of praise! Children ask to be challenged!


Do we have to come to the workshops at the same time every week?

Yes – but should something come up Lorraine will try and fit you in at another time or send out the homework pack.


Does the programme run all year?

Yes, it does. Continuity is important and regular practice is essential so the programme runs throughout the year.


What will it cost?

MagiKats fees are paid monthly.  £68 per month for one subject/£110 per month for dual students.  There is also an initial one-off enrolment fee of £25.


Am I locked in for a long time?

Many of our students stay for years because they appreciate the benefits of extra support and practice.  However, if it isn’t right for your child, all we ask is one full calendar month’s notice.  We take a deposit of one month at the start of your study with us which covers your final month of MagiKats.  We also promise never to increase your fees once the child is enrolled, even though the fees for new students are reviewed every September.


Does the MagiKats programme follow the National Curriculum?

The MagiKats programme helps develop the skills needed by students in the order and methodology laid out in the National Curriculum. In other words – yes it does.


Why is the MagiKats programme at the Durham Centre for Education better than its rivals?

There are a number of providers of after school education. Some offer a programme of worksheets that a child works through in a set order. They do not take into account the needs of the child or are flexible enough to help with problems that the child faces in school now!

Tutors often help students to do their homework and, like a crutch, can help students through a difficult time academically. However, Lorraine helps children improve the skills they need to become confident independent students.

Other programmes offer DVDs or computer programmes. These seem to offer an easy (if expensive) solution. Unfortunately if something seems too good to be true it often is. Many of these programmes try to lock you into the scheme. You have to sign a finance agreement so that you are committed for a year or more even if you discover that it is not working. At MagiKats we are so confident of our programme, all we ask is one month’s notice!

The final reason that the MagiKats programme works so well is Lorraine. Her training in and experience of child education is measured in decades! There are very few problems that children can face that Lorraine has not successfully helped other children overcome.